Fly this airline if you want to drink the best beer, survey says

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A popular airline at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is No. 1 when it comes to beer.

Atlanta-based Delta Airlines has the best craft beer offerings, according to, which ranked U.S. air services on the craft beer they offered (based on scores the drink received in Beer Advocate magazine).

On Delta's menu: Blue Moon Belgian White, Heineken, Miller Lite, Samuel Adams and Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale – for an average score of 73.6.

Delta began offering craft beer systemwide in 2014, the airline says.

Sun Country, which is based in Mendota Heights, didn't make Travelpulse's list, but it is among the airlines that has started serving craft beer. Last year, it began pouring Minnesota-brewed Surly on some of its flights, the Business Journal says.

Several other airlines that fly in and out of MSP also made the list. Here's how all the airlines rank:

  • Delta – 73.6
  • Alaska Airlines – 71.8
  • United Airlines – 69
  • JetBlue – 67.8
  • Virgin America – 67.3
  • Frontier Airlines – 66.6
  • Southwest Airlines – 65.2
  • American Airlines – 64.6
  • Spirit Airlines – 56.25

Spirit, Travelpulse notes, may rank last on the list, but it does offer the cheapest beer at $6 a can.

The publication says airlines have been adding to their beer selections in recent years to adapt to changing consumer tastes, as craft beer continues its rise in popularity.

Other publications have also looked at the best in-flight beers. Earlier this year, listed the top eight beer-loving airlines around the world – Delta made the cut.

In 2014, Men's Journal named the nine best craft beers on airlines, giving a nod to Surly and Sun Country.

In 2008 – before the craft beer movement really exploded – Beer Advocate named the best airlines for enjoying a beer mid-flight, ranking Alaska Airlines No. 1.

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