Following retirement, ND woman joins roller derby

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The day after she retired two years ago, Lynn Lindholm of Grand Forks tried out for the roller derby.

Now, at 68 years 0ld, Lindholm has taken hits, suffered bruises and even broke her leg resulting in surgery and the placement of three platinum screws in her tibia and fibula.

“I really liked the idea of physical contact. And that’s what I got,” Lindholm tells the Fargo Forum.

Lindholm, who goes by "Vintage Vixen" on the track, also delivers papers for the Grand Forks Herald but was looking for something more active.

She plans to continue to skate as long as she can. “I’m aiming for 70,” Lindholm laughed.

So far, the Vintage Vixen has proved she's tough enough to reach her goal.

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