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Food trends inspire 150 new General Mills products


General Mills is introducing some 150 new products to go after a wide range of customers, including the gluten-sensitive, those seeking more protein, and the Hispanic market.

The company's blog, ATasteofGeneralMills showed off the new products formulated by the Golden Valley-based food giant. The site includes an extensive "LookBook" with information about the offerings. It is also included in an infographic, below.

The Pioneer Press reports that General Mills "pays keen attention to trends" as it creates new products and adds new items to an existing line.

The demand for higher-protein foods is motivating General Mills to roll out higher-protein offerings of Cheerios, Nature Valley granola and Yoplait yogurt. Under its Cascadian Farms brand, General Mills also launched a “protein granola” made with pea protein.

The boom in gluten-free items is reflected in new offerings of cookie mixes, crackers and pie-crust mix. General Mills will also offer pouches of gluten-free Chex oatmeal, and the Larabar brand will add a grain-free, gluten-free granola called Renola. Suddenly Salad has a new product that features the ancient grain quinoa.

Flavor is also getting a boost. Progresso will add chili, sold in pouches, and the Totino line will add Pizza Chips, available only at convenience stores, along with pizza rolls that come with more of a kick. The Star Tribune noted that the new Nature Valley “Fruteria” bars are "...a snack designed to appeal specifically to Hispanic consumers."

General Mills indicated that 5 percent of its U.S. retail sales last fiscal year came from new products, including Yoplait Greek 100, Fiber One Protein Bars and Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch.

If you find a new product here that you particularly like, don't assume it has made the permanent lineup of what General Mills stocks on grocery shelves. "Typically only a small fraction of newcomers become hits, so many of the 150 or so new General Mills products being unveiled aren't likely to be around next year," the Pioneer Press story notes.

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