Food delivery news: Cheap college eats, chow cab and a new truck


Here's food news for folks on the run!

Who's hungrier than college students?

Their large appetites are a challenge for their small budgets. The Pioneer Press reports students at Concordia University in St. Paul gave ethnic restaurants on nearby University Avenue something to chew on.

The students, who are working with an economics professor, made a presentation to restaurateurs this week to persuade them to consider more delivery options for the college crowd. Their original research showed the businesses that students hungry for options to Ramen noodles. Their campus survey found that more than half of the students order food delivered at least once a month and about 30 percent ate at an ethnic restaurant at least once a month.

What took her so long?

In the oilfields of North Dakota, a resourceful hairstylist is providing a new delivery option for the largely male workforce there. The Grand Forks Herald reports that Kelli Cook, a 40-year-old mother of two, moved from Chicago to Williston two years ago to cut hair in a barber shop. About a month ago, she launched Munchies Food Taxi, a restaurant delivery service. She got the idea on a cold night when she was craving restaurant food but didn’t want to venture out.

“People are really appreciative of the service,” Cook said. “The looks on their faces are just like ‘thank you.’ ”

Cook works with three local restaurants and is busy enough that she is seeking more delivery drivers. She already has plans to expand to Minot and Dickinson.

Salt truck?

Eater Minneapolis reports a new salt truck will arrive in Minneapolis in February, but it's arriving to attack appetites rather than slippery roads.

The food website reports that Butcher Salt will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the menu will include hash browns with peppers and an over-easy egg, salted caramels and apple salads, all sprinkled with the truck's signature seasoning — a mix of sea salt, rosemary, marjoram, sage, and thyme often used as a rub for meat. Entrée prices will range from $6-8. Owner Jean Hutar has run family restaurants in Ely and worked for Chipotle for a decade.

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