Food trucks are out after bar close in Minneapolis, but only for the weekend

They'll be serving up yummy food after bar close all weekend as part of a pilot project.

If you're out after bar close in Minneapolis this weekend, get your hands on some late-night grub.

The city is letting food trucks on the streets for a "pilot project" during the Halloween festivities.

They'll be lined up on First Ave. N., north of Sixth St. from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., Friday through Sunday.

Normally, food trucks face a bunch of restrictions downtown, like only operating in certain locations and limiting the number of trucks in one area. But some people want to change that.

“We want Minneapolis to be a thriving, 24/7 city that doesn’t roll up the sidewalks at night,” City Council Member Jacob Frey said in a news release.

The trucks are just one part of a project that's "designed to improve traffic flow in the Warehouse District around bar closing time," the release says.

Which trucks?

Some of the food trucks participating this weekend include New Bohemia, Sasquatch Sandwiches, The Purple People Feeder, and Habanero Tacos.

City Pages posted a complete list here.

GoMN talked to the guys from one of the trucks, The Fabled Rooster, which is owned and operated by local veterans.

They said that a lot of people visited the trucks on Friday night, and people who've experienced food trucks in other cities or states were commenting that "it's about time Minneapolis gets on it."

And as an added bonus – it might make things safer.

"Personally, I think it really helps with the feel of safety of the public in that area of downtown at night," Craig, co-owner of The Fabled Rooster said.

"Having business professionals who run the trucks out on the streets adds extra eyes and ears to watch out for trouble amongst the hustle and bustle of the crowds," he added.

Traffic restrictions

Another thing the city is trying with the project is to restrict traffic in certain areas downtown.

Only transportation network vehicles, city buses, limos, and taxis or Ubers/Lyfts will be allowed to enter the restricted area on First and Hennepin Avenues around bar closing time, the release says.

The restrictions also apply to parking in certain areas - check out the map below:

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