For a 'brother in blue': Fargo cops wear beards and dance for sick officer

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Fargo cops have a lot backing up that badge – including, a newly released video indicates, some sweet facial hair and some (not so) serious dance moves.

The department on Monday released a YouTube video set to Cupid's "Cupid Shuffle," to which the officers bust a move while sporting impressive mustaches and goatees. The video is really better watched than described, so have a look for yourself below:

Now, we don't want to give the impression these cops are having too much fun on the job, because their hijinks are all for a good cause.

The video summary indicates the facial hair-growing was a "Movember challenge" to raise money for East Grand Forks Police Department Officer Alex Schilke, who KFGO notes is fighting stage-4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Police officers don't usually rock facial hair, but the department says they were "allowed to grow beards and mustaches if they donated money" toward the cause. There must have been a lot of mustaches and beards, if the final tally is any indication: "I'm proud to say the men and women of the Fargo Police Department raised $9,681.63," the video description says.

It was all about "supporting a brother in blue," the Fargo PD wrote.

It's not the only police department in the region taking part in the challenge, however.

KFGO says the Detroit Lakes police chief allowed his officers to wear facial hair for Schilke's cause, and that he dared other police chiefs to do the same – Fargo's top cop accepted that challenge, while Moorhead Police Chief Dave Ebinger had to decline as it would have gone against department policy.

Nonetheless, the station adds, Ebinger encouraged his officers to contribute to the effort.

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