For him or her: MN startup raising funds to launch unisex skirts


The Next Big Thing in fashion might start right here in Minnesota – a skirt that both men and women can wear?

That's the concept Skirtcraft, a Minneapolis startup, is hoping to bring to the scene via a Kickstarter campaign that's within striking distance of reaching its fundraising goal.

If the effort is successful, the company will be able to order the first "production run" of the unisex skirts, the project page says.

So, what's behind the drive to get un-gendered skirts to your nearest retailer?

Entrepreneur Joe Quarion says he got the idea from a game of ultimate frisbee, during which he and all the other members of his co-ed team wore skirts and dresses.

"It made me realize that there wasn't a good reason for men not to wear skirts," despite that fact that they are cooler and less restrictive than pants, he writes on the Kickstarter page.

From there, he decided to break down this barrier by donning one himself. But when he couldn't find one to his liking, he set out to design his own.

Many prototypes and experiments later, he's got a version that's ready to hit the shelves.

"Skirtcraft’s approach is informed by feminism, recognizing that though men have been wearing skirts throughout history, it has somehow become taboo today," writes the Closet Feminist.

But there's more to this garment – which Quarion calls an "Unaligned Skirt" – then simply making it okay for men to wear clothing traditionally associated with women's fashion.

Pockets, he says, are one of the most basic of clothing features, but most women's clothing forces wearers to make do with "tiny, fake, or non-existent pockets" that serve little to no purpose.

The Unaligned Skirt, on the other hand, has several large and very useable pockets.

Skitcraft also stresses that the products will be "Made in the USA," as it's working with domestic manufacturers and clothing producers.

As of Tuesday morning, they've raised over $9,900 on Kickstarter – less than $2,000 away from the goal, with nine days of fundraising left to go.

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