For real: The best 4/20 tweets today came from Shakopee and Wyoming PD

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It's 4/20, the unofficial (though kind of official now) holiday for pot enthusiasts out there. And a couple of Minnesota police departments decided to join the rest of the internet and have a little fun with it.

The Shakopee PD and Wyoming PD (who are worth following even on non-4/20 days) kicked things off with a few starter tweets:

And from there it snowballed. Their full timelines with replies are worth scrolling through – but below there's a sampling of some of our favorites.

Before that though, it's worth noting both the Shakopee and Wyoming police departments took a moment to acknowledge that drug abuse is a serious issue. Both said to contact them if you need to connect with resources.

The Department of Human Services said that in 2014, 14.8 percent of admissions to addiction treatment programs noted marijuana was the primary substance problem.

The department has a list of resources here for family members and friends of people with substance abuse issues.

More from Twitter

As promised, here's more from the Shakopee and Wyoming police departments today.

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