For the first time ever, Target has a product that's only available if you have a REDcard

It's the first time Target has done this with a product.
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Sure, it's just an $8.99 Star Wars toy. But this limited edition red stormtrooper figurine is a significant (and possibly consequential) step for Target.

That's because the only way you can buy this Funko Pop! Red Classic Stormtrooper is if you have a REDcard.

The limited edition stormtrooper, which is only available at Target, comes out Oct. 1, Target announced this week. And it's only for REDcard holders (credit or debit).

It's the first time Target has offered an exclusive product to REDcard shoppers, spokesperson Lee Henderson confirmed.

And if you're looking to buy the stormtrooper, don't plan on getting it in a store. It's only available through

"Star Wars is one of Target’s long-standing licensing partners, and we’ve become a go-to destination for fans," Henderson said.

This is Amazon-ish

Amazon has been trying this walling-off of products for a couple years now, though it hasn't been widespread. 

In 2016 people noticed a couple of big video game releases were made available only for Amazon Prime members. It was happening with movies too. And earlier this year Amazon put new Nintendo Switch consoles (which, if you don't remember, weren't easy to get) behind the Prime wall.

It's only natural that Target – a fierce competitor – would start introducing exclusives in a similar manner. (Though REDcard is free, unlike Prime.)

The Bullseye has done REDcard-only events, like the Victoria Beckham pre-release party this past spring. And there's a similar early access promo for Oct. 1, when anyone with a REDcard will be able to shop the new TOMS mobile collection a week before the wide release.

But offering an actual product – the little red stormtrooper – as a REDcard exclusive is a new step.

Henderson called the REDcard "an important loyalty tool for Target," and said they keep looking for ways to give users more special offers and access to events and "must-haves."

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