Forbes gives props to creators of JonnyPops

They've been named in the '30 Under 30' list.

The stratospheric rise of Minnesota's own JonnyPops has been noticed at the national level, with a shoutout from Forbes.

Erik Brust and Connor Wray, the 25-year-old founders of the smoothies-on-a-stick phenomenon, have been included in the prestigious magazine's "30 Under 30" list.

From their St. Louis Park base, their college startup selling fresh fruit, cream and cane sugar popsicles has been turned into a national success story.

The pair feature in the "food and drink" section of the 30 Under 30 Class of 2018, which overall highlights 600 of the "brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders and stars."

The magazine notes that "with less than half the sugar and fat of traditional ice cream pops ... JonnyPops have gone from a Minnesota farmers’ market phenomenon to the shelves of stores like Kroger, Target, Walmart, Costco and more."

When GoMN spoke to Brust in July, he described how they started walking up and down college dorm hallways handing out ice cube sized samples to their fellow students.

While their success was planned, Brust admitted there was a learning curve being in charge of a thriving business: 

"There's a lot of roles and responsibilities that you suddenly have. Like, wow I'm 24 and now I'm dealing with, you know, problems I did not think I was going to be dealing with," he said.

He initially dreamed up the idea with his cousin Jonathan, who sadly died from an overdose shortly after, which is why the company is now brimming with positivity, including a motto of "Better pop for a better world."

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