Forecast: A warmer than usual weekend, but still cool thanks to an 'inversion'


We could be a lot colder right now. But we could also be a lot warmer.

Temperatures are going to remain well above average through the weekend, but unfortunately the gloom sticks around. This stubborn low-deck of clouds likely won't burn at least until early next week.

All the melting that's taken place in the last week has added lots of low-level moisture to the atmosphere.

That's created what's call an inversion.

Normally, the air temperature gets colder the farther from the ground you get, Encyclopedia Britannica explains.

But with this inversion, that gets reversed. (Here's a video explaining it, if you prefer.)

In our current case, the air a few thousand feet off the ground is actually very mild right now – but a moist, stagnant cool layer of air is hugging the ground, not letting that warm air make it to the surface. (This is also what's led to the air pollution advisory for the southern half of the state).

I hate saying this, but if there was no inversion and our ground was generally snow-free around the state, we'd easily see widespread 50s this weekend.

Instead, temperatures should mostly be in the middle 40s or slightly cooler.

So we could be warmer. But we're still above average historically.

Cool down coming

Temperatures are going to drop to more seasonal levels next week.

Look for another chance of rain Monday with temps in the middle 30s. Then the 20s return Tuesday through the end of the week.

However, expect more sunshine starting midweek than what we've seen lately.

Twin Cities weekend forecast

Friday – Fog, grey skies and gloom. Temperatures hold steady in the middle 30s.

Saturday – Cloudy, slightly warmer, spotty rain showers. Highs in the lower 40s.

Sunday – Fog and low clouds, scattered showers. Highs in the middle 40s.

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