Forget cargos, Minnesota's more of a jean shorts kind of state

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For some unexplainable reason, the style of men's shorts – or just men's shorts in general – tend to be a topic of discussion. Not only that, it's a divisive one too.

Especially when it comes down to cargo shorts and jean shorts, also known as "jorts."

Some love them. Some hate them. Some love one and hate the other. It's all around a confusing matter.

But according to Google Trends, wearing jean shorts is more acceptable in Minnesota than wearing cargo shorts.

The Washington Post did the research and put together a map showing which states prefer which shorts.

It turns out people in the Midwest tend to be pro-jorts while basically everyone else prefers cargo shorts.

Minnesota isn't as dedicated to the cut-off jean look as Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska, though.

And neighboring North Dakota doesn't appear to care one way or the other.

If you need to let out your inner Minnesotan (as defined by the map above), read up on the Wall Street Journal's recent article that completely rips on cargo shorts.

GQ tends to be more pro-cargo shorts, if you want that side of the story.

The source also has tips for pulling off either style. That includes keeping jean shorts longer and cargo shorts slimmer.

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