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Forget hotels: Thousands of Ryder Cup fans picked Airbnb instead

Instead of getting an expensive hotel, thousands of Ryder Cup visitors opted to rent out a house or room via Airbnb.

Visitors flocked to the Twin Cities last week for the Ryder Cup, making for some booked hotels.

However, thousands opted to simply rent out all or part of a local's home instead.

Airbnb released numbers to GoMN Wednesday, saying 1,265 percent more visitors than usual stayed with Airbnb hosts in Chaska – where the Hazeltine National Golf Club is located.

Most of the Twin Cities area saw an uptick in visitors as well.

Carver County – where Chaska is located – had a total of 432 Airbnb guests. Thats a 732 percent increase over a typical week.

Scott County had 67 guests (478 percent more), Ramsey County had 508 (134 percent more), and Hennepin County had 2,437 guests (144 percent more).

So a total of 3,444 people (163 percent more than usual) stayed with Airbnb hosts in those four counties.

That's a pretty decent chunk of the 250,000 or so visitors state officials expected to attend the three day event and preceding practices.

Airbnb was founded in 2008 and now operates in more than 34,000 cities in 191 countries. More than 100 million guests have stayed in Airbnb rentals globally in the past eight years, according to the company.

How does the Ryder Cup compare?

The number of Airbnb rentals have a tendency go up any time there's a big event in the area.

The most popular time to rent an Airbnb in Minneapolis and St. Paul is Twin Cities Pride weekend, we learned earlier. Pride weekend draws in about 400,000 visitors annually, and represents one of the largest LGBTQ pride festivals in the world.

In fact, this year there was a 225 percent increase over the average number of Airbnb renters in the Twin Cities, according to a report by the home sharing network.

And what about the 2018 Super Bowl?

Ben Breit of Airbnb previously told GoMN it’s tough to speculate how many people will use Airbnb that far in advance. But the home-share network estimated about 15,000 people would use Airbnb over that weekend, and said Airbnb hosts could stand to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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