Forgotten tiger toy returned to boy – with a note describing its adventures

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When a stuffed tiger belonging to a two-year-old Minnesota boy was left behind at a hotel in Iowa, it decided to put its feet up.

The Molas family left the tiger belonging to their son Netza at the Holiday Inn Express in Sheldon after a family reunion, but the hotel went "above and beyond" to ensure it was returned to its owner.

It wasn't the only thing sent to the family either, KIWA Radio reports, as it was accompanied by a note and some pictures of the tiger playing in a dryer, eating pancakes, drinking coffee, and ringing the bell at the front desk.

The note said:

"Hello from the Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Sheldon, Iowa! We loved having your tiger friend stay with us! The little tiger really enjoyed having pancakes at night. It also loved fresh hot coffee. Your little tiger was a big help at the front desk and a big help with laundry, but now it is time for your tiger friend to go back home. It really misses you and wants to play with you again. We hope you have enjoyed your stay with us as much as your little tiger did. We hope you come back to visit again soon. Have a great day!"

KARE 11 spoke to hotel manager Brianna Kroontje, who said their effort to get the tiger back to its rightful owner is something good businesses do.

"Just kind of going above and beyond what your job duty is," she told the TV station. "I have a son of my own and I know if I left a stuffed animal and a hotel were to do that, I would think that was really cool for him to have that."

"I think the children's imagination is awesome if they think that the stuffed animal is doing everything, I think that's pretty cool," she added.

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