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Former MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty calls Trump 'unfit to be POTUS'

MN House Speaker Kurt Daudt and Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty said they do not support Trump.

Another familiar face has come forward to speak against Donald Trump.

Former Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty released a statement Saturday about the Republican presidential candidate, saying that Trump is unfit for office:

"Although I'd hoped he could have risen to the occasion, it's clear Trump is unwilling or unable to demonstrate even the most basic level of discipline, character and judgment necessary to lead our great nation. He is unsound, uninformed, unhinged and unfit to be President of the United States, and I am withdrawing my support for him," said Pawlenty.

The statement was released by McClung Communications and Public Relations, LLC, a media relations company owned by Brian McClung, who was Tim Pawlenty's Press Secretary, Director of Communications, and Deputy Chief of Staff for six years.

Back in May, Pawlenty, who is affiliated with the Republican Party, said that although he didn't agree with everything Trump said, he would still support the nominee.

It seems as though Trump's recent controversy changed the former governor's mind.

And he's not the only one

Another Republican, Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt, made a statement Saturday saying he thinks Trump should "step aside."

In his statement, Daudt called Trump's behavior and comments about women "unacceptable" for someone who wants to be commander in chief.

"I believe Minnesotans and Americans are looking for strong conservative leadership that can unite our country, but it's clear that Donald Trump cannot and will not provide that leadership and necessary contrast with the far-left vision of Hillary Clinton. I strongly urge his campaign to consider what's best for our country and our party, and step aside so we can defeat Hillary Clinton," Daudt said.

Daudt also urged Minnesotans to get out and vote this year.

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