Former priest alleges cover-up of sex abuse by Catholic, Episcopalian leaders

A former priest says officials at St. Johns Abbey in Collegeville were well aware of his inappropriate sexual contact. After St. Johns he went on to abuse members of a boys choir in Missouri. He says some 16 Catholic leaders and a top ranking Episcopalian leader were aware of the problem and chose to do nothing.

A former monk at St. Johns Abbey in Collegeville alleges 16 Catholic leaders knew about his sex abuse and chose to ignore it. In a confession letter released this week by the website, Bede Parry details inappropriate sexual contact with a St. Johns student in the early 1980s. He says in writing and on video (below) that he discussed the problem with religious leaders, who told him simply 'don't do it again.' The incident followed inappropriate sexual contact Parry admits to in Missouri. After he left St. Johns, Parry says he returned to Missouri where he abused members of a boys choir.

Activists in Kansas City distributed fliers at a noon mass to raise more awareness of the revelations.

Parry made the comments in May to Patrick Marker, himself an abuse victim who works to find other victims and expose clergy accused of wrongdoing. Marker released the documents this week.

Bede Parry talks about discussions of his sexual abuse with abbey leader:

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