Foster home where 6-year-old died loses its license


The state of Minnesota has revoked the license of a Brooklyn Center foster home where a 6-year-old girl was found dead in December.

The Department of Human Services launched a three-month investigation after Kendrea Johnson was discovered hanging by a jump rope off her bed at the foster home.

The official death investigation was inconclusive as to whether it was an accident or suicide. The death investigation found no foul play though.

FOX 9 reports the DHS investigation found "a systematic failure of oversight" at the home.

The foster mother Tannise Nawaqavou lost her license, the Associated Press reports. Family Alternatives, the private group overseeing Kendrea Johnson's case, also had its license suspended with an appeal pending.

Investigators found a “failure to regulate" by both the home and Family Alternatives, They found allegations that the foster parents allowed other children to smoke cigarettes and pot, and that those instances went unreported.

According to the Star Tribune, DHS was looking into Family Alternatives prior to Kendrea's death.

The report found Family Alternatives did not look into complaints about the foster mother since 2012.

The Star Tribune says those reports included two instances involving a girl – one where she was locked in a room, and another where she "was found with her pants down with another foster child."

The investigation did not find evidence of neglect or mistreatment though, FOX 9 reports.

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