Four years later, hunting jacket (and money) returned


Owen Schipnewski had given up on seeing his favorite hunting jacket again.

After all, as the Renville area man explained to Forum News Service, it had been four years since it blew out the back of his truck.

The man who discovered the jacket told a West Central Tribune reporter he found only shotgun shells in the pockets. Until recently.

Trent Jorgenson tells the newspaper only this fall did he realize there was an inside pocket that contained Schipnewski's wallet ... and the $1,700 that was in it.

After a phone call hunter, jacket, and money were reunited in a transaction that left both men feeling good. Jorgenson tells the paper returning the jacket "Made my day probably as much as his," while to Schipnewski "It says there are still good people in the world."

It's a happier tale than last winter's story of the Prescott, Wisconsin, man who said he'd left a loaded pistol in pants he donated to Goodwill. But as it turned out, that one wasn't so bad, either: he later discovered he was mistaken and left the gun elsewhere.

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