FOX 9 goes inside Byron Smith's house

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During the murder trial of Byron Smith, much of the proceedings centered on the contentious debate about how far a homeowner can go to defend his house from an intruder.

The defense in the Smith case decided against giving jurors a tour of the home that was such a focus of the trial - the house Smith said he had been defending from two teens who had broken in on Thanksgiving night 2012. Smith admitted to fatally shooting 18-year-old Halie Kifer and her cousin Nick Brady, 17, in his basement.

Now FOX 9 takes viewers on an exclusive tour inside the cramped Little Falls house on Smith's overgrown 16-acre property, with two of Smith's friends and neighbors, Bill Anderson and John Lange, as escorts.

The tour starts in Smith's bedroom, where broken window glass still lies where it fell 19 months after the Thanksgiving Day break-in. It ends in the basement, where Smith says he sat in terror on that Thanksgiving night, armed in a favorite reading chair.

Smith admitted to shooting the teens as they crept down the stairs, first Brady and then Kifer, who followed roughly 10 minutes later. He had argued that he was defending his home from intruders, which is legal in Minnesota. Lange is convinced Smith, left shaken by a number of recent break-ins, shot to kill because he feared the teen intruders might be armed, he tells FOX.

But the jury agreed with the prosecution, which said Smith crossed the line into murder – that he planned the attack and continued to shoot Kifer and Brady after his shots had injured them and they were no longer a potential danger.

At the end of the April trial, it only took a jury a few hours to convict Smith of first-degree murder, and he is serving a life sentence. His legal team is appealing the ruling.

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