Spirit Airlines coming to MSP airport

Twitter is abuzz with news that Spirit Airlines is joining the Twin Cities airport. The carrier calls itself an ultra-low-cost option, but writers at the Washington Post and USA Today warn travelers to watch out for hefty fees.

MSP airport and Spirit Airlines this morning confirmed that the carrier is coming to the Twin Cities.

In a press release on Globe Newswire, Spirit says it will offer flights from MSP to Chicago and Las Vegas for $28.79. (That's a $9 base fare. The rest are taxes and fees.) Those deals are available Wednesday and Thursday. You can book one of those flights right here.

So who is Spirit Airlines? The carrier says they offer "ultra low base fares with a range of optional services for a fee." Well, a reporter for the Washington Post says they're one of the "biggest culprits" when it comes to piling on those fees. Here's the Post's guide to getting low airfares when flying Spirit.

A writer for USA Today Travel has a similar story: "Dodging All of Spirit Airline’s Ridiculous Fees and Winning."

Spirit will fly out daily to Las Vegas and three times a day to Chicago starting May 31.

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Spirit Airlines to offer new direct flights from MSP

Spirit Airlines is already expanding its service out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Starting in April 2013, Spirit will add non-stop flights to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Florida-based airline will also offer seasonal non-stop service to Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers between Nov. 8 through April 24, 2013. Spirit debuted in the Twin Cities market less than two months ago with daily flights to Chicago and Las Vegas.

Great Lakes Airlines expanding service at MSP airport

The Wyoming-based airline plans to offer flights to 14 destinations from the Twin Cities by the end of the year, according to the Star Tribune. Great Lakes Airlines is looking to profit from rural routes large carriers have abandoned by eliminating soft drinks, flight attendants and bathrooms.

$100 carry-on baggage fee!? Spirit Airlines hiking prices this fall

Travelers who wait to pay for carry-ons at the departure gate will soon be charged $100, more than double the current $45 fee. Other luggage fees are going up as well starting November 6. Spirit Airlines will fly into the Twin Cities later this month and begin offering daily flights to Las Vegas and Chicago.