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FOX photoshopped Bradford's head onto Teddy Bridgewater

Check out this botched photoshop attempt by Fox.

Well this is awkward...

On Sunday, FOX Sports displayed a graphic of Sam Bradford in its tease for the Vikings and Eagles game next Sunday, which is its game of the week.

So what's the problem? Well, it's not Bradford's body, it is clearly Bradford's head on Teddy Bridgewater's body.

First of all, Bradford weights 235 pounds and is clearly heavier than Bridgewater, at 214 pounds. But the biggest difference is that Bradford does not throw with gloves on.

Bridgewater has always worn two gloves throughout his career. Eventually the Vikings took notice and sent out this brilliant tweet on Sunday night.

Bradford was acquired by the Vikings in early September, you'd think they would be able to find a better, or any image of Bradford in purple and gold.

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