Frazier frustrated with 2-minute defense

In his Monday news conference, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier says his two-minute defense simply “has to do better.” Frazier says giving up big yardage in the final seconds of games is a “glaring” concern. Minnesota lost to Indianapolis Sunday on a field goal with eight seconds left after tying the score late in the fourth quarter.
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EDEN PRAIRIE -- Vikings coach Leslie Frazier says his 2-minute defense simply “has to do better.” Talking to reporters today, Frazier says giving up big yardage in the final seconds of games is a “glaring” concern. The Vikes tied it up with the Colts late in regulation Sunday, but quarterback Andrew Luck drove Indianapolis into field goal range with eight seconds left. Adam Vinatieri then won the game with a 53-yard field goal.

Frazier also said Jared Allen seemed “lost on the field” when he was called for hitting Luck out of bounds in the third quarter. He says Allen should have pulled up in that situation.

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Frazier calls out defensive line

After a miserable performance against Green Bay, it sounds like Vikings coach Leslie Frazier is throwing his defensive line under the bus -- a bit. In his weekly news conference, he called on someone other than Jared Allen to make a play and to “take advantage” of one-on-one situations.

Frazier: Ponder will 'just get better'

Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier realizes Christian Ponder has struggled the past few games. But he’s not giving up on his second-year quarterback. Frazier told reporters today he’s confident Ponder will “get better as time goes on.”

Frazier confirms Winfield out for season

After missing four games with a neck strain, Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield is out for the rest of the season. Coach Leslie Frazier says Winfield suffered a fractured clavicle in the second half of Monday night’s blowout loss to the Packers. Winfield is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow.

Frazier gains confidence from Bud Grant

Leslie Frazier's first full season as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings isn't going the way he was hoping. He is 0-4 and watching his team flounder in the fourth quarter. Now might be a good time to lose hope, but Frazier remains confident thanks in part to Bud Grant, who also started his career 0-4.

Frazier on Cook: 'You hope for the best'

Suspended cornerback Chris Cook has been reinstated by the Vikings but will not be taking part in any football related activities with the team. Cook is awaiting developments in a felony domestic assault charge stemming from his arrest October 22. Head coach Leslie Frazier says it's hard to say Cook will play again this season.

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