Free GED testing available to Minnesotans through July


Gov. Mark Dayton announced on Thursday that General Educational Development (GED) testing will be free for as many as 2,000 Minnesotans through July.

A federal grant will allow those who don't have a high school diploma to take the test – which usually costs $120 – at no cost, according to a news release.

The Dayton administration says having a high school diploma or GED increases the income people earn by 37.5 percent, or by about $10,000 dollars.

"This program will help reduce economic disparities in Minnesota, racially and geographically," Dayton says.

Minnesota has been investing $125,000 each year to reduce the cost of taking the test for some Minnesotans. The Federal Workforce Investment Act adds $100,000 more in funding, making it free for several months.

The governor's proposed supplemental budget would use $120,000 to keep the test free into 2017.

Officials tell the Duluth News Tribune that Minnesota's economy would also benefit from residents with GEDs making more money.

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