Freezing rain turns Duluth roadways into ice rink

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Freezing rain in Duluth Sunday morning coated the city with ice, making roads and sidewalks impassable for several hours.

It was so slick, these guys shot video of themselves "surfing" down a steep road.

Public officials urged drivers to stay put if possible due to treacherous driving conditions that caused dozens of crashes and led to a temporary suspension of Duluth's public transportation.

Traffic was at a standstill in some places. The Duluth News Tribune says vehicles were simply stuck, either spun out or unable to gain traction on the slick pavement.

Many cars were stopped because of drivers' unwillingness to risk going downhill.

A video posted to Facebook shows a car sliding down a Duluth street.

“I’ve never seen it like this before, where you could literally skate down Mesaba if you wanted to,” resident Jay Newkirk told the Duluth News Tribune.

Public safety officials said there were no serious injuries reported in the ice storm. Road conditions improved around noon Sunday.

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