From courtyards to sewers: Humans help round up ducklings

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Spring is here, so that means it's time for the annual duckling round up.

Ducks stick to tradition. It's very common for them to nest in the same place year after year – even though that may cause some problems when the ducklings hatch.

For the past few years, a mother duck has laid her eggs in a courtyard at the Hazelden youth facility in Plymouth. When the ducklings hatch, they are too young to fly over the tall courtyard walls, so patients and families help lead them through the halls of the building to a nearby pond, FOX 9 says.

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The same thing happens every spring at an assisted living facility in Fergus Falls – they call it the duckling round up, Valley News Live says.

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A mother duck in St. Paul doesn't go to a courtyard to lay her eggs – she does so in a family's lawn. But for the last three years, as she's leading her ducklings across the street to a golf course they "plop one-by-one" into the gutter, the Pioneer Press reports. Through the same grate, every year.

On Saturday, the fire department, along with a group of neighbors, helped rescue the ducklings – again. Click here for photos.

A similar thing happened in St. Cloud Thursday. The St. Cloud Fire Department rescued eight ducklings who had fallen down a city storm drain.

After fishing them out with a net, firefighters returned the ducklings to their mother, who was waiting across the street, the St. Cloud Times reports.

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