Frontman of Minneapolis nu-metal band American Head Charge arrested over guitar thefts

Cameron Heacock is being held in southern California.
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The frontman for a metal band created in Minneapolis has been arrested for allegedly stealing guitars.

Cameron Heacock, the 40-year-old lead singer of American Head Charge, was pulled over by police after he drove a stolen van from a motel Costa Mesa, south of Los Angeles in California.

In that van was allegedly a stolen motorcycle and 13 stolen guitars, including a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Stratocaster, 9 of which were taken from a Guitar Center in Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa police said.


– Co-founder of American Head Charge dies from terminal illness.

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Investigators later searched a storage unit belonging to Heacock, from which they found more stolen goods, including another motorcycle, a motor scooter, a leaf blower and a boat engine.

The thefts are said to have occurred over a period of several months in the Costa Mesa, Santa Ana and Fountain Valley areas.

Heacock co-founded AHC in Minneapolis in 1996 with Chad Hanks, who sadly died this past November from a terminal illness.

AHC built their following through the turn of the century, self-releasing their 1999 album Trepnation before getting a record deal after supporting System of a Down in Des Moines.

At their peak, CityPages reports AHC were joining Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot and Metallica on worldwide tours. 

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