Frostbitten UMD student released from hospital, returns home


A University of Minnesota-Duluth student who suffered severe frostbite and nearly froze to death after a night outside in subzero temperatures has left the hospital and has returned to her family's home in St. Cloud.

The St. Cloud Times reports Alyssa Lommel returned home on Monday, according to a post from her mother on the family's CaringBridge website.

The Times reports Teri Lommel writes, "Nurses, physical therapists and other health care professionals will continue working with Alyssa in the family's home."

Lommel had been hospitalized since she was found unconscious on her neighbor's porch, after a night of drinking, in Duluth on Dec. 7. She spent the night outside in temperatures that dipped as low as 17-below zero.

Lommel was found in critical condition at the time of the incident, but has steadily improved since.

Lommel, who had parts of her fingers and feet amputated, was released from Regions Hospital in St. Paul earlier this month. She had been staying in the St. Cloud hospital while continuing her rehabilitation.

"It will be nice for her to get personal care in her own environment, and they will give us ideas on what we should change to make things easier for her," Teri Lommel wrote.

The Northland's News Center reports Lommel began walking on her own this week.

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