Frostbitten UMD student to get electronic hand


The University of Minnesota-Duluth student who suffered severe frostbite after spending a night in subzero temperatures, resulting in amputations on her hands and feet, is in the process of getting an electronic right hand, according to reports.

Alyssa Lommel was found unconscious on the steps of her neighbor’s porch after a night of drinking last December. She had spent the night outside in temperatures that dipped as low as 17-below zero.

Doctors had to amputate just below the knuckles of all her fingers and thumbs on both hands, WDIO says.

Lommel's mother announced last week on her CaringBridge site that Alyssa is in the process of getting a robotic hand, the Duluth News Tribune says. After doing research, Lommel decided to go with the ProDigits product, which can be programmed to perform 14 different kinds of grips, the newspaper said.

According to Med Gadget, ProDigits is made by Touch Bionics and provides electronically powered artificial fingers that can grasp and manipulate objects, and even type on a keyboard.

Because electronic hands are so expensive, Lommel will buy just the right hand before purchasing the left, FOX 21 says.

Last month, Lommel attended the state high school hockey tournament to cheer on her brother, who said she's inspired him to stay strong no matter what.

Also last month, Lommel met the two people who found her on the porch of the Duluth home.

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