Frozen slush makes for icy roads; snow coming Thursday


There's a price to be paid for those blissful above-freezing temperatures Tuesday – drivers Wednesday are finding re-frozen slush and puddles make for an icy morning commute.

The mercury soared to 44 degrees in the metro Tuesday (it's been since late December that it was that warm), then fell to about 20 overnight, KSTP's Dave Dahl reported. Black ice has made roads slick, and watch your step – driveways and sidewalks are slippery.

And there's more of this pattern in store today: Wednesday's highs are expected to be near 40 in the metro, 42 in Worthington and 43 in Brainerd, forecasters say, dipping to just below freezing overnight. State patrol officials warned drivers about frosty highways.

But snow will be the big weather story Thursday as a winter storm barrels through Iowa and Wisconsin – as well as much of eastern and southern Minnesota, where there is a winter storm warning in effect.

There's a blizzard warning in southeast Minnesota, and cities including Rochester, Albert Lea and Winona could get 6-8 inches of snow from Thursday morning to Friday morning, the National Weather Service says.

"Quite a mess playing out across the region coming up tomorrow," WCCO's Mike Augustyniak said.

It's not clear how much snow the Twin Cities might get, but WCCO's map suggests the metro is in for 1-5 inches, some of it falling during the Thursday morning commute. The weather service calls for 3-7 inches in the metro. KARE 11 reports that the metro will be on the western edge of the storm, but measurable snow is still likely.

It'll be getting colder, too, with low temperatures in the metro dipping to zero or a bit below this weekend.

Here's what Thursday looks like, according to the National Weather Service:

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