Fuel co. with Minn. subsidiary resists cleanup in Canada train catastrophe


A Miami-based oil logistics company with Minnesota ties is objecting to a Quebec government order to assist with the cleanup following the Canadian train derailment and explosion.

The Canada Globe and Mail reports that a statement from World Fuel Services Corp. said that the order “is the first time the provincial government has taken the position that World Fuel Services has any responsibility for funding or supervising” the cleanup. The newspaper said that World Fuel, through its Minnesota-based subsidiary Western Petroleum, purchased oil from producers in North Dakota, then leased and loaded rail cars to transport it. The oil never made it to its destination because a parked train operated by Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway derailed, sparking the explosion that killed 47.

In its statement, World Fuel said it did not expect to be named because the railroad has assumed responsibility for the accident when its chairman said an engineer failed to properly set emergency brakes when he parked the train.

World Fuel said its representatives have had “limited access” to the accident site but have inspected tank cars at the scene.

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