Fulton's growler is dead because the brewery is too big

It's keep the growlers, or keep growing.
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Fulton Beer is officially too big.

Well, at least to sell growlers.

The Minneapolis-based brewery will stop selling 64-ounce jugs of beer on Sept. 30 in order to stay in compliance with state law. (The brewery's off-sale license expires Oct. 1, according to state records.)

The law prevents a brewery that produces more than 20,000 barrels a year from selling growlers or 750ml bottles to consumers.

The limit is designed to help small Minnesota breweries compete with larger breweries. Many small local breweries have limited distribution (or don't distribute at all), but being able to sell growlers for off-site consumption gives people the chance to bring the beer home and share it with others. Growlers are also a source of added revenue for the brewery.

(Minnesota's liquor laws are pretty confusing. If you want to know more, The Growler breaks down the different types of beer producers in this story.)

Now Fulton is joining the ranks of Minnesota's largest breweries – Summit, Schell's and Surly – that have grown too big to sell growlers.

"Our trusty friend who helped bring so many new and familiar faces into our beloved taproom is going the way of the Dodo," Fulton wrote on its Facebook event to celebrate the death of the Fulton growler.

They're hosting a party

The brewery will host a party at its North Loop taproom Sept. 30 – the last day people will be able to buy a growler from Fulton. Ever. The event will feature music from Eleganza. The O'Cheeze Food Truck will also be there.

Fulton started selling growlers back in 2011, according to its website. The jugs of beer made up about 10-15 percent of the company's retails sales, Jim Diley, Fulton's co-owner, told the Business Journal. Fulton is estimating it'll produce 28,000 to 30,000 barrels this year, the Business Journal notes.

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