Fun with cold weather: Frozen T-shirts, Super Soakers, watermelon bowling

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How cold is it?

It's so cold that Minnesota reporters are digging out their fun-with-cold-weather experiments.

WCCO's Rachel's Slavik's recent spot was picked up by CNN. In it, she demonstrates how a wet T-shirt will freeze solid in three minutes in subzero cold. She also shows viewers how frozen bubbles will break, and how hot water tossed in the air will instantly crystalize.

KARE 11 did some similar "backyard hijinks" last year.

Minneapolis eighth-graders a few years ago kicked up the hot-water-in-the-air experiment a notch by using Super Soakers. They also pounded nails with frozen bananas.


There are other experiments, of course. Minneapolis teacher Nathan Ziegler posted a series of them, including watermelon bowling...

... sledding on a frozen towel (it works very well)...

... and igloo building ...

All this reminds us of a bit comedian Lewis Black did a few years ago for a Minnesota audience, telling them that if they had any brains, they'd call the federal government when it hit 20-below zero and say, "Get us the [bleep] outta here."

"You live in a cold that human beings aren't supposed to live in," he said, to much laughter. Check out a clip (warning: contains profanity).

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