Gallup: Minnesota more bullish about economy than any other state


Minnesotans may have a reputation for modesty. But underneath that there's a whole lot of confidence – at least when it comes to the economy, new numbers from Gallup suggest.

The polling organization tabulated a year's worth of interviews with Americans and found that Minnesotans were more confident about the economy than those in any other state during 2014.

In fact, in the seven years that Gallup has been compiling its Economic Confidence Index no state has shown as much optimism.

Gallup conducted interviews throughout the year (at least 450 in every state) and averaged the results to give each state a number.

If every respondent in a state said the economy was excellent or good and getting better, that state would score 100. If all said the economy was poor and getting worse, the score would be negative 100.

Minnesota's score of 0 was four points higher than the nearest state, Maryland.

The nationwide score was -15, though Gallup says confidence was rising late in 2014 and the number has been in positive territory so far this year.

A confident economic outlook in Minnesota would be consistent with at least a couple of other surveys conducted last year.

82 percent of Minnesota businesses surveyed by state and federal economists last spring predicted their profits would be equal to or greater than the year before.

In another survey that looked only at Minnesota manufacturers, a consulting firm found 84 percent were optimistic about the future of their business.

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