GameStop investigates possible credit card security breach

If you've shopped at in the last 7 months, keep an eye on your credit card bills.

GameStop is investigating whether some of its customers' credit card info may be compromised.

That's according to a security update posted to the game store's website. It says GameStop was recently notified from a third party that credit card data from cards used to shop on might be up for sale illegally on another website.

So the company has been investigating. There's no word on whether a breach has been confirmed yet.

"We regret any concern this situation may cause for our customers," the notification reads.

It adds that it recommends customers keep an eye out for unauthorized charges. And if you find one, report it to your bank immediately.

According to Krebs on Security, the compromised data may include customer card numbers, expiration dates, names, addresses, and three-digit verification codes.

While GameStop has not commented on when they believe the possible breach took place, Krebs on Security says information from two sources suggests the GameStop website was potentially compromised between Sept. 2016 and Feb. 2017.

This comes just weeks after GameStop announced it'd be closing 150 stores following a rough sales year.

GameStop has more than 6,600 stores around the world. There are about 40 in Minnesota. But there's no word yet which stores will close.

GameStop plans to open some non-game stores this year – 35 “Collectibles” stores, and 65 “Technology” brand stores (like Simply Mac, Spring Mobile and Cricket Wireless).

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