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Garbage company dumps 2 tons of trash in driveway over unpaid bill


Minnesota made USA Today's "5 craziest crimes of the week."

The story came out of Red Wing, where a garbage company dumped nearly 2 tons of "wet, putrescible waste" on a customer's driveway over an unpaid bill, the Rochester Post-Bulletin reports. (Putrescible means "liable to decay; subject to putrefaction.")

City officials said the hauler, Paul's Industrial Garage, or P.I.G., was acting in retaliation after the company tried for six weeks to collect on an invoice for a roll-off refuse container that a homeowner had ordered. The company claimed it had lost $1,485 in potential earnings as the roll-off sat at the home.

The resident had filled the bin, but the company never got its money, and so an irked company driver deposited the smelly trash heap in the driveway, according to media reports. Neighbors saw the incident and called 911, the Red Wing Republican Eagle reported.

"I opened my car door ... and the smell was incredible," Red Wing City Council member Peggy Rehder told the Rochester newspaper. She had gone to check out the trash pile for herself, and she called it a public safety issue.

The city promptly cleaned up the mess, and then on Monday, the council fined the company $1,800 and ordered it to reimburse the city for its cleanup costs of $734.85.

The story drew a bit of national media attention. A commenter on a National Public Radio item noted, "This also happened on an episode of The Sopranos."

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