Gas prices in Minnesota expected to rise another 20 cents this spring

We're currently paying an average of $2.50 in Minnesota.
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It costs an average of $2.50 to buy a gallon of regular gasoline in Minnesota right now, but prices are expected to rise through the spring and summer. 

According to's 2018 fuel outlook, the national average is expected to rise to highs of $2.70 in April and $2.73 in May before gradually dropping back to around $2.50 by the end of the year. 


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And while Minnesota's current price is 15 cents below the national average of $2.65, it's expected to climb another 20 cents. 

"As prices continue to rise throughout the spring, Minnesota will likely approach $2.70 average," a AAA spokeswoman told BMTN. 

Last year at this time the average price at the pumps in Minnesota was just $2.25, according to AAA

Per AAA, the average gas prices in Minnesota's biggest metro areas are lowest in Moorhead and highest in Mankato. 

  1. Moorhead - $2.41
  2. Duluth - $2.46
  3. Minneapolis/St. Paul - $2.50
  4. Rochester - $2.50
  5. St. Cloud - $2.50
  6. Mankato - $2.52

The cheapest gas anywhere in Minnesota can be found in Pine City (about an hour north of the metro area), where Murphy USA is selling gas for $2.30, according to

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