Gas prices in MN have skyrocketed the past few days

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is sending the cost of oil soaring.

Minnesotans are paying significantly more to fill up their tanks than they were a week ago, because Hurricane Harvey is hammering oil supplies.

Figures from GasBuddy show that the average cost of a gallon of regular has increased by 13 cents since this past Saturday.

The average cost of a gallon was just over $2.27 then, but as of Friday morning it's now almost at $2.41.

Prices in Minnesota are now at the highest level they've been since October 2015, though they're still lower than the national average of $2.52 per gallon.

Nationally, prices rose by seven cents between Thursday and Friday alone.

MPR reports that Harvey has played havoc with the nation's oil supply, with flooding and damage causing at least two major pipelines – one supplying the southern U.S. and New York, and the other that flows north to Chicago – to be slowed or stopped completely.

Things are particularly bad in flood-hit Texas, with long lines as gas stations and even temporary suspensions on gas sales at some filling stations being reported.

The cheapest gallon of regular fuel in Minnesota on Friday morning can be found at the Costco in Baxter, where it's $2.15. The cheapest without requiring a membership is the Holiday at 3225 40th Ave. NW in Rochester, where it's $2.19.

The most expensive gallon is at the Quick Fuel in Eagan, where it'll set you back $2.70 a gallon to fill up.

And if you're planning on filling up, best do it soon. CNBC reports that more rises are expected by Labor Day.

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