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Gay marriage debate prepares to move to State Capitol in 2013


The 2012 campaign season brought messages about marriage to voters throughout Minnesota. The new year looks like it will bring a reprise of those messages, but this time in the halls of the Capitol.

The group that led opposition to a Constitutional amendment that would have banned gay marriage now says it will lobby the Legislature to legalize same sex unions. Politics in Minnesota reports the new version of the group Minnesotans United for All Families will be a leaner organization but with some of the same leadership.

Likewise, the group that led the fight for the amendment will now work on blocking any move to recognize same sex marriage. The Star Tribune reports Minnesota for Marriage has a fundraising campaign underway and met with supporters this week to plot strategy.

The gay marriage ban was backed by 47 percent of voters in last month's election. To Minnesotans United for All Families it was "pretty decisively defeated," while Minnesota for Marriage points out it was approved in most of the state's counties.

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The Minnesota Vikings punter who has made a name for himself kicking up controversy in the debate over gay marriage sent invitations to a number of politicians seeking a debate on the issue. But no one agreed to it. (You might say they punted.) So Kluwe plans to debate with improv actor stand-ins at the event Friday afternoon.