Gay marriage group clashes with its abortion-rights allies

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Gay marriage advocates in Minnesota are clashing with abortion rights advocates who traditionally have been their liberal allies.

The Star Tribune reports the group Minnesotans United for All Families is taking flak from abortion rights groups for supporting state lawmakers who back same-sex marriage, but who oppose abortion.

Minnesotans United led the fight for gay marriage, approved by the Legislature and signed into law in May. The group was widely credited with being a key factor in the bill's passage.

After the victory, the group said it would form a new political action committee to throw its support and campaign money behind a select group of legislators who voted "yes" on gay marriage in the face of opposition to gay marriage among constituents in their districts. Those lawmakers include legislators who are not 100 percent behind abortion rights. That irks abortion-rights advocates.

The Pioneer Press reports that Minnesota NOW president Sarah Jane Johnston in a statement Wednesday said, "Minnesota NOW and the Pro-Choice community as a whole contributed significant resources to the fight for marriage equality here in Minnesota. We are truly saddened that the Minnesotans United PAC does not have our back when we need them."

Johnston urges donors to direct contributions to Minnesota NOW, which says it measures candidates based on an array of issues including LGBT rights, reproductive rights, economic justice, racial equality, constitutional equality and freedom from violence.

Meanwhile, among the fundraisers planned for the Minnesotans United PAC is a Sept. 28 5K run in Minneapolis, the Big Gay Race.

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