Gay marriage PAC hopes to help fund lawmakers' re-elections


MN United, a PAC that was formed by gay-marriage advocate Minnesotans United for All Families, wants to lighten the wallet in the next campaign season. But some Republican lawmakers aren't sure if they want the money.

The idea, as Minnesota Public Radio reports, is to contribute to the re-election campaigns of what the group calls the "Minnesota 15" – a group of DFL lawmakers who voted for gay marriage despite grumbling from their constituents. The PAC also wants to support five Republicans.

Richard Carlbom, director of the political action committee, tells MPR he has already starting raising funds for the candidates, but at least one Republican is "cool" to the idea, MPR reports: Pat Garafolo of Farmington says he's good for now, thanks, and isn't sure if he'll take any PAC money.

Jenifer Loon of Eden Prairie blanched a bit as well.

And, of course, some are wondering how Democrats might take to the idea of the PAC supporting Republicans.

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