GDT @ Mia: Director/horror master Guillermo del Toro exhibition set to open

From the mind of the man who brought you Pan's Labyrinth and Cronos.

Movie fans and horror aficionados, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts will be the place to be the next couple months.

This Sunday, the doors will open to a wildly-anticipated exhibition exploring the mind and ideas of renowned director and screenwriter Guillermo del Toro.

Called "At Home With Monsters," the exhibit will recreate parts of del Toro's second home in Los Angeles, called "Bleak House," which is the filmmaker's "creative haven." Making the flight to the Mia is a collection of the paintings, drawings, maquettes (small models), artifacts and film art all taken from his home.

The Mia gave followers a glimpse of the impressive looking exhibition entrance on Thursday.

Del Toro himself will be in town for the opening of the exhibition on Sunday, where he will give a talk to ticketholders and sign books – unfortunately, tickets for Sunday are all sold out.

But the exhibition will be in town until May 28, giving you ample time to take a peek into the mind of the creative master who gave the world cult films such as Pan's LabyrinthCronos, Hellboy and Crimson Peak.

What to expect from the exhibition

The Mia says it will be organized into eight sections, which will include the "Rain Room," a recreation of del Toro's favorite part of his house. This will feature a false window and special effects simulating a constant thunderstorm, which is apparently "the best atmosphere" for the Mexican director's creative process.

Other areas will look at del Toro's love of Frankenstein, a "Freaks and Monsters" section, and an area devoted to his love of movies, comics and pop culture.

In an interview with the Independent last year, del Toro admitted that while his wife likes his so-called "House of Horrors," his children are "ambivalent at best." With the exhibition having an "R" rating, you should take a look at the exhibition catalogue before you attend to check whether it'll be OK for your own kids.

You can find more details about the exhibition here.

Tickets for the exhibition cost $20, or $16 for My Mia members. You can buy online or by calling 612-870-6323.

To get an idea of what to expect, take a look at this tour of "Bleak House."

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