General Mills celebrates man who ate 10 million Cheerios


Chris Ritsch has eaten so many Cheerios that he jokes that his cholesterol levels are in negative digits. Just how many? He estimates 10 million.

Golden Valley-baed General Mills chronicles the story on its blog: Ritsch, an IT consultant with the U.S. State Department, used this math: 650 Cheerios each day, or 1.2 bowls, for 42.5 years. By that accounting, he ate his 10 millionth Cheerio in late 2012.

On a whim, Ritsch sent the makers of Cheerios a timeline of the milestones in his life at the approximate time he passed each million mark on the march to 10 million Cheerios (his daughter was born right about the time he ate his 8 millionth Cheerio).

General Mills rewarded him by commissioning an illustrator to create a poster that captures Ritsch's life's milestones and the 10 million Cheerios:

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