General Mills introduces 50 new products on one day


Kimchee tortilla chips, anyone? Chex mix with popcorn? Can I interest you in an organic pea protein bar?

These are just a few of the 50 new products unveiled today by Golden-Valley based General Mills. The Star Tribune reports the items include new variations on products that are already available, ranging from Nature Valley breakfast biscuits to Fiber One nutrition bars. The company typically launches about 100 new products a year.

The items were revealed on the company's blog, A Taste of General Mills, which called it "an aggressive lineup of new products."

TwinCitiesBusiness said the new lineup is geared at meet consumers’ increasing appetite for snacks with added health benefits like protein, fiber, whole grains, or fruits and vegetables.

New products include Nature Valley nut clusters, Green Giant veggie snack chips, and new flavors and varieties of Yoplait and Fiber One yogurt. Additions also include more “globally-inspired” flavors for Hamburger Helper, (which the company now calls simply “Helper”) with spicy chipotle, firehouse chili, and crispy buffalo chicken.

New cereal variations include Chocolate Toast Crunch, Fiber One protein cereal, and multi-grain dark chocolate crunch Cheerios.

General Mills also plans to export dozens of its products to new international markets. It’s bringing tiramisu Haagen-Dazs ice cream to Europe, its Yoki brand snacks to Brazil, its Yoplait greek yogurt to France and Belgium, and Bugles potato sticks to China.

Earlier this month, The Motley Fool, a personal finance and investment website, had a story called "What Makes General Mills Worth Owning?" The story concluded that "General Mills is a great performer that's been making the right moves," in spite of sluggish consumer demand. The site anticipated the addition of the 50 new products, and said they would help the company remain competitive, noting that its previous innovations have "...helped the food retailer keep customers hooked."

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