General Mills resurrects Green Giant, Cheerios Kid

General Mills is bringing back two iconic advertising mascots to appear in ads. The Jolly Green Giant debuted in a TV commercial Monday to encourage kids to eat more vegetables. The cartoon-like Cheerios Kid from the 50s and 60s is making an appearance in online ads.
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The Jolly Green Giant and the Cheerios Kid are making a come back. Ad Age reports General Mills resurrected The Giant, who first appeared in ads in 1928, to take a prominent and active role in a television commercial. The campaign also encourages kids to take an online pledge on Facebook to eat more vegetables.

The cartoon-like Cheerios Kid from the 1950s and 60s has also been brought back to appear in an online video ad. The journal reports the ads are intended to speak to Baby Boomers about lowering cholesterol.

The Business Journal says the company also recently brought back its monster cereals for the 2012 Halloween season.

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