General Mills settles lawsuit over labels on Fruit Roll-Ups

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General Mills Inc. and Center for Science in the Public Interest, a Washington, D.C.-based consumer watchdog group, have reached a settlement over how the Golden Vally-based food giant labels its strawberry flavored Fruit Roll-Ups, the Star Tribune reports.

General Mills has agreed the new labels of the product will no longer depict images of strawberries, so long as it doesn't contain any real strawberries, according to a news release. The company will also be required to include the actual percentage of fruit in the product if the label claims to be "made with real fruit." Both changes will take effect in 2014.

The suit was filed by a California woman who claimed General Mills incorrectly described the ingredients of its fruit snacks, citing strawberry-flavored Fruit Roll-Ups that contain "pears from concentrate," but not strawberries.

In a statement, General Mills said "we disagree with CSPI on the merit and substance of the case, but we both agreed to resolve the matter to avoid further litigation," the newspaper reports.

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