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General Mills will now label products that contain GMOs – because of Vermont


General Mills says it will begin labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for products across the U.S.

Because of a single Northeastern state.

The Golden Valley-based company put out a statement saying Vermont state law will require the company to start labeling packages that contain GMOs or face fines.

So rather than drive up costs by creating special packaging just for Vermont, the Cheerios-maker decided to include the labeling on all of its products.

Whether or not to label products containing GMOs has been a hot topic for years. And the company says it's time to reach a nationwide solution.

General Mills says that 20 years of research and major health agencies agree that GMOs are not a health or safety concern. The American Association for the Advancement of Science says the same.

However, organizations that oppose the use of modified organisms, such as the Non-GMO Project, say genetic engineering creates unstable and unnatural combinations of plant, animal, bacteria and viral genes.

The nonprofit also argues that most developed countries do not consider them to be safe. Some even ban GMOs altogether.

The new labels will be out by July, the Star Tribune reports. In the meantime, people can check which products contain GMOs here.

In January, Campbell Soup Company announced it'd start labeling products. The company also says GMOs are safe, but notes it supports mandatory labeling if that resolves the issue.

Last year, Chipotle became the first national company to nix all GMO ingredients.

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