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Germany probes Nazi documents of Minnesota man


Prosecutors in Germany have launched a formal investigation into the background of a 94-year-old Minnesota man who is believed to have served as a leader in a Nazi-led unit during World War II, a man who has been quietly living in northeast Minneapolis, the Associated Press reports.

Officials in Germany are trying to figure out whether there is sufficient evidence to pursue his extradition, the AP reports. Officials in Poland are also investigating.

An AP investigation revealed that Michael Karkoc gained entry into the United States a few years after the war by misleading U.S. officials about his role in the war. The AP found evidence Karkoc was a leader of an SS-led Ukrainian unit accused of burning villages and killing civilians. The AP did not uncover documents linking him directly to atrocities.

Karkoc's family has strongly denied that he was a Nazi.

Villagers in Poland are voicing outrage, the Associated Press reported. Traditionally, it can be difficult to deport someone accused of being a Nazi, MPR recently reported.

The story drew international attention and shocked residents in Karkoc's Minneapolis neighborhood.

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