Get a cup of coffee and watch this new trailer for the Gilmore Girls reboot

The whole Stars Hollow gang will be there.

In one month, Loreli and Rory will be back in our lives.

The official trailer for the four-part Gilmore Girls reboot, released Tuesday, gives us a little peak at what they (and the rest of the Stars Hollow gang) have been up to for the past 9 years.

A lot is the same – the Gilmores are still fast-talking coffee drinkers who eat unhealthy food – but the trailer hints a lot has changed, too.

Rory is seemingly unemployed and has no credit. Lorelai is living in Stars Hollow, but things might not be going that great for her and Luke. They still go to Emily Gilmore's for Friday night dinner (Kirk gets to go too). And Emily is getting rid of a bunch of things – including her dining room chairs – that don't bring her joy as she copes with Richard's death.

Plus, we got to see who all is returning this season. Rory's old flames (Jess, Dean and Logan) are around, Lane is still drumming away, Paris will make an appearance, and so will Sookie.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is set to premiere on Netflix Nov. 25.

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