'Get high ... on fiber': General Mills hires Cheech and Chong to sell 'magic brownies'

General Mills has hired the stoner movie icons to sell the company's new high-fiber brownies. The Business Journal says, yes, it's one big pot joke, and it's "absolutely hysterical."
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General Mills has hired stoner movie icons Cheech and Chong to promote the company's new brownies. The Golden Valley company's mini-movie, above, features the duo taking a cross-country road trip to deliver a van-full of brownies. The Business Journal says, yes, it's one big pot joke -- and it's "absolutely hysterical."

General Mills says the idea came out of an internal marketing competition the company calls "Bold Experiments."

"The joke is, now that they’re older they need some new magic from their brownies,” says Jim Wilson, marketing manager for Fiber One.

Learn more at "Cheech and Chong's Magic Brownie Adventure."

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