Get that absentee ballot mailed back in if you haven't yet

That ballot needs to be in by Election Day, or it won't count.

Just a courteous reminder for anyone who voted absentee by mail – mail your ballot back if you haven't yet.

All ballots have to be received by Election Day (that's Tuesday, Nov. 8).

"Your ballot will not count if it is received after Election Day," the Secretary of State's website warns. Blue Earth County and the City of Minneapolis were among the places reminding voters to get that absentee ballot in asap.

If you'd rather deliver it yourself, the ballot can be given to the county elections office you got it from by 3 p.m. on Election Day.

If you're wondering whether your ballot has been received and/or counted, you can check here on the Secretary of State's website. (And you've actually got until the end of business day Tuesday, Nov. 1, to request your ballot be canceled if you want to redo your vote – explanation and directions here.)

And a whole lot of people have gotten their votes in so far.

More than 250,000 ballots had been accepted as of last Thursday, the Secretary of State Steve Simon tweeted.

He attributed the "sky-high" figures to Minnesota now having no excuse absentee voting – meaning anyone in the state can vote early or vote by mail, for any reason. There's no special circumstance needed.

While you're cutting absentee voting by mail pretty close (it'd be a tight deadline requesting the ballot, getting it in the mail, then sending it back all before Nov. 8) you can still vote early in-person.

You have to be registered at this point to vote early, but you can do it at any county election office (list here) or at one of the special locations set up by cities and towns (list here).

If you're not registered, you can register to vote on Election Day – you just need a photo ID and proof of where you live. Here's a list of the documents that will work.

And if you already ARE registered, do you know what you need to bring with you? Because a lot of us weren't sure.

What to bring on Election Day Know what to bring with you when you head to the polls? ????????

We've got you covered!

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Posted by GoNews on Sunday, October 30, 2016

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